Three new editions are now available

R41 Charlie Morrow – “Toot! Too” LP+Booklet
Long-time-coming.  Get one, you will like it.
Plus a big 20-page booklet, which was intensely put together by myself and Charlie and his wife.

R43 Idea Fire Company – “The End Of The Line (Air Variations)” Cassette
An “Art-Tape” from the legends.  Four versions of the same 20-minute piece, different mic placements and other small differences.  Great background tape.  Only 100 pc made.

R17 Daniel Schmidt & The Berkeley Gamelan – “In My Arms, Many Flowers” CD (Japanese)
Special Japanese pressing I made (upon request). With OBI-strip and extra Japanese-text booklet.
Only a handful for sale, the rest went to… you guessed it… Japan.   Limited to 200.

There is also a lovely book made by Mike Pollard for/of FPBJPC, a must have. Documenting an art-show of theirs.
80 color pages, perfect bound.   Purchase here



Two new Recital editions are available today, the final two for this year.

R17 – Daniel Schmidt – “In My Arms, Many Flowers” CD edition
Includes an additional track, not from the LP – a beautiful 16min. string sextet version of “Dawn” from 1978

R40 – Eric Schmid – “Catsitting at a Musician’s Apartment” Cassette in Artist’s Box
Cassette with pamphlet, Caramel chocolate square, Marlboro Red cigarette


I am making FREELY available an LP that will be coming out early next year, Simple Affections
R44 – Simple Affections – “Simple Affections” MP3 .ZIP / LP forthcoming

LP is mainly myself, Graham Lambkin, Madalyn Merkey & Zach Schwartz, but features contributions from a slew of people, all playing over my favorite augmented classical pieces.


Take advantage of the USA free-shipping coupon for orders over $25, if you are interested.
Type in the coupon code BAUBLES at the checkout webpage.

To Refresh your memory on what to pick up, Recital published these editions in 2017 (our busiest year):

R40 – Eric Schmid – “Catsitting at a Musician’s Apartment” Cassette in Artist’s Box

R39 – Michael Vincent Waller – “Trajectories” CD / LP    *LP sold out

R38 – Roger Eno – “This Floating World” LP with CD    *final copies

R37 – Kahn, Landry, McCann, Schmid, Stanley, Sullivan, Weidmann – “Joan of Arc” CD & Pamphlet

R36 – Ian William Craig – “Durbē” CD    *sold out

R35 – Eric Schmid – “Alain Badiou” s/s LP & Artist’s Book

R34 – Sean McCann & Eric Schmid – “St. Paul” CD & Pamphlet

R33 – Dick Higgins – “Poems & Metapoems” LP

R32 – Tim Weidmann – “Some Pomes” Book    *final copies

R31 – Arrigo Lora-Totino – “Out of Page” LP

R30 – various – “Cellar Volume 2” CD

R29 – Loren Connors – “Evangeline” LP    *sold out

R28 – Gabi Losoncy – “Security Besides Love” LP    *final copies

R27 – Peter Friel, Mattea Landry, Eric Schmid – “Password / Chamber Music” Single 7″    *final copies

R26 – Mary Mazzacane – “The Art of Mary Mazzacane” single-sided LP    *sold out

Next year Recital will publish releases by Charlie Morrow, Loren Connors, Jean Dupuy, The Ivytree, Nour Mobarak, Ian William Craig, Karla Borecky, Daniel Schmidt, Matthew Sullivan, Adriano Spatola, Luciana Arbizzani, RIP Hayman, and more.  This is fun, thank you for your support and interest.

-Sean McCann, November 2017


Today I am happy to announce a new Recital edition:
R35 – Eric Schmid –  “Alain Badiou”  s/s LP & Artist’s Book


And also to announce the discovery of a few choice items from Recital’s past.  I recently moved to Glendale, Calif. and during the voyage between homes I found some hard-to-find LPs and CDs, of only which a few are available:


R8 – Ian William Craig – A Turn of Breath LP
R36 – Ian William Craig – Durbē CD
R11 – Sean McCann – A Castle Popping LP
R22 – Sean McCann – Music for Public Ensemble 2xLP
R26 – Mary Mazzacane – The Music of Mary Mazzacane – s/s LP
R39 – Michael Vincent Waller – Trajectories LP+CD


Lastly, I have added “Music for Public Ensemble” to my Bandcamp website – (includes the 12-page insert as a .PDF)


Available today is the second full-length album by composer Michael Vincent Waller, TRAJECTORIES, featuring pianist R. Andrew Lee and cellist Seth Parker Woods. The edition includes photography by Phill Niblock and liner notes by “Blue” Gene Tyranny.
Purchase the CD   (The limited LP edition has already sold out)

Price: $10.95

The Log Journal
All Music


Ian William Craig, Ian as I call him, is back on Recital for DURBĒ.  The bird flies back to the nest for an aperitif. I was working and living in London at the beginning of the year when Ian sent me, on a whim, this recording of him performing at a church in Latvia.  I would commute to movie studios on the outskirts of London nearly-every-day, and nearly-every-day I would fall asleep to these recordings on my headphones.  The first piece, Requiem for Al Purdy, is particularly beautiful.

JOAN OF ARC is a project conceived by Eric Schmid and myself, running in line with St. Francis & St. Paul.  This series of CD & Pamphlets is something I am very proud of, writings bounded together with unbounded audio elements.  Anyways we roped in professional vocalist Christina Stanley to sing the last piece, which is a tip to Ulises Carrión’s Hamlet, For Two Voices, pulled from Schiller’s Maid of Orleans. Matthew Sullivan dusted off his pain tongs and sent over some sounds to re-actualize the past in fine fashion. This album is a conversation with/examination of the past. An epic poem, The Story of Joan of Arc, by Tim Weidmann is included, which is impressively deep and detailed and beautiful – along with a philosophical lead by young writer Jack Kahn, softly read by Mattea Landry as the first track of the disc.  You can listen to the entire centerpiece below…

You can pick up these two discs together for a discount as the JULY RESERVE;

Price: $19.95

or PURCHASE them individually.

FORCED EXPOSURE now carries Recital, so please see to stock us in your local record store.

There are two new distributed items in the store:

  • a cassette by Eric Schmid – housed in a bag with a booklet with Coldplay sheet music and writing by Eric, and a Coors bottlecap.
  • the first release from Peter Friel’s new label Prestige & Poverty; a CD split with a solo work by Peter and one by Eric.


Since the beginning of Recital, I have been trying to publish the work of Dick Higgins. He is a chief figure in my artistic world, a hero of mine.  And now, with the assistance of Charlie Morrow, it has finally happened. The first vinyl album ever published of Higgins!

Many know Dick Higgins as the father of Intermedia, a key player in the birth of Fluxus, and the owner/operator of the fabulous Something Else Press.  His own poetry is what stirred me. Namely, his book FOEW & OMBWHNW, which contains one of my favorite of his works, “Moments in the Lives of Great Women,” along with other lovely poems (some included on this LP).

This recording is of Dick himself reading his own poetry. Poems & Metapoems begins with a voice/tape manipulation piece from 1962, while the rest of the collection employs only language manipulation. Alike a cantor, each word is delivered perfectly with strong warmth. His ability to relay pattern-based poems into sonics is impressive.

This album was recorded in 1982, and contains the reading of poems written between 1958-1980. Originally published as a cassette tape by New Wilderness Audiographics, which is nearly impossible to find now. The audio has been remastered and cleaned up for this edition.

Dick lived large and was a busybody. All the faucets were running within him, handles broken off.  Always pulling to mesh painfulness with playfulness, heartwarmth with heartbreak, comedy with tragedy etc.  It is this plurality that Higgins encourages us to spark and flourish.


There are also new artworks by Giovanni Fontana in the Recital Art Gallery.

Lovely works from this historical figure. I’ve got one framed myself! Signed drawing/collages (A5)

Lastly, there are two new titles from FQW, both insane.

First is a group acapella LP doing covers called HOUSE MUSIC, and the other is a bizarre 7″ of conversations with an acid beat underneath.



Two new LPs are ready to ship today,
along with new distributed titles (two Eric Schmid cassettes and a Tom James Scott piano album).
Also remember that Loren Connors is now selling his monumental artworks through Recital in the Art Gallery.

R29 – Loren Connors – “Evangeline” LP

Part in a series of Connors LP reissues on Recital, culled from his most romantic era (around the turn of the century).

R31 – Arrigo Lora-Totino – “Out of Page” LP

Sound poetry archival release. Put together with the assistance of Giovanni Fontana (a dear friend of Arrigo.)  Arrigo passed away last year, this is a document made in his memory.



My new egg


Three new Recital editions are now for sale:

R30 – Various – “Cellar Vol.2” CD
In celebration of Recital’s 5 year anniversary, here we have a CD holding unreleased works by friends and family of the label.  From pastoral chamber music to sound poetry – contemporary and archival – something for everyone!

R32 – Tim Weidmann – “Some Pomes” Book
Small book of poetry, co-published with Edition Erich Schmid

R34 – Sean McCann & Eric Schmid – “St. Paul” Pamphlet & CD
The second in a series, following (R25) St. Francis.  Contains Craigslist voice actors, an AA speaker, witch-house, vapor-wave, muted monologues, and barking.

You can purchase the APRIL RESERVE  (three new editions for a discount)

Price: $29.95



Three new Recital editions are available;

R26 – Mary Mazzacane – “The Art of Mary Mazzacane” single-sided LP

R27 – Peter Friel, Mattea Landry, Eric Schmid – “Password / Chamber Music” 7″ single

R28 – Gabi Losoncy – “Security Besides Love” LP




December 27th, 2016.
This is the third Recital Newsletter.

Firstly, I’d like to announce that the second pressing of Daniel Schmidt’s In My Arms, Many Flowers LP is now available.  It turned out to be more popular than I had anticipated, and sold out quickly. The interest it has stirred has made Daniel and myself very happy.  A second LP of his will be coming soon, culled from the hours of unreleased tapes. Daniel is currently busy writing a piece for Lou Harrison’s centennial, to be premiered in the Bay Area later in 2017.

November saw the release of my major work of the past few years, Music for Public Ensemble. It took form over three years – I am so happy to have it out now and away from me. It was formally unveiled after the dark days of the American election news, which perhaps curtailed public interest in buying Avant Garde music.  No matter, I believe people will find the album if and when they need to.  It was such a joy to correspond with all those involved, and made this ‘community’ seem much more tangible to me for a time.  Having the project behind me, I find myself missing having such a grand pool to dip into in my free hours.  It was very therapeutic, being able to contort Ian’s voice or Zach’s violin to fit in place with the coffee of the morning or the emotions of the falling daylight.  Anyways, so now, to fill this void- I have been beginning to write an operetta called The Mummy.  It will be an easy platform to deliver uneasy ideas, as I say.

I have been developing a friendship with Eric Schmid over the past few months; an artist I admire.  Eric’s way of facing both himself and his interpersonal connections, with the same boldness applied to the world of art and philosophy, is an inspiration to me.  I tend to crawl along the shore and cherish the light on the water, whereas he seems to be already treading out past the buoys. This way of being is refreshing to me, and thus working together has been really beneficial and invigorating.  On our album, St. Francis (released this December on Recital), Eric and I, along with Mattea Landry, have begun to explore new ground together.  Eric basically gave me a score (a list of elements) and let me orchestrate: recordings of himself and Mattea reading about St. Francis, a Justin Bieber song, a porno, a library, a train ride, a film, digitally synthesized birds, church bells, Steve Reich, and of course Imagine etc. Eric asked me to sing, a-cappella, a song by the folk-rock band Beirut, so I complied.  I played some ambient piano lines on the first works, and on the last piece some cello layers played back upon themselves.  Form, the last piece, also features sound poetry tape work I made while sitting on my couch in the sweaty summer of 2015, interspersed. I am quite proud of this reflexive album, and feel it deserves a good listen- as it knits comfortable and uncomfortable motifs, like a deep husky whisper.  It comes connected to a short book, The St. Francis List, something one could equate to the Nurse With Wound list.  You’ve just got to see it to understand. Perhaps, there is nothing to understand.  We’re working on a series or saga – St. Paul is up next.

Lastly, in January we will have circled our Sun five times to bring us to the 5th anniversary of Recital.   Thus, I have been lucky to gather together a CD compilation that features unique new works from: Roger Eno, Graham Lambkin, Andrew Chalk, Loren Connors, IFCO, Karla Borecky, Sarah Davachi, Nour Mobarak and many more.  It is something to look forward to, something for everyone.

Here we have list that holds just some of what to expect in 2017 on Recital:

R26 – Mary Mazzacane – The Art of Mary Mazzacane (Single-sided LP) – Loren Connors’ mother’s operatic vocal recordings, 1948-1974.

R27 – Peter Friel, Mattea Landry, Eric Schmid – Password / Chamber Music (7” single) – Radio play and a vocal piece.

R28 – Gabi Losoncy – Security Besides Love (LP) – First vinyl release by the enigmatic artist. A public and a personal testimony.

R29 – Loren Connors – Evangeline (LP) – Reissue of the 1998 album, as beautiful and fragile as snow.

R30 – Various – 5 Year Anniversary (CD) – Recital’s 5th year, celebrated by all new music of past and future Recital artists.

R31 – Arrigo Lora-Totino – Out of Page (LP) – Archival recordings of the sound poetry pioneer, who sadly passed away in 2016.

also, LPs by Roger Eno, Charlie Morrow, Michael Vincent Waller, and Dick Higgins.


ring of fire and eye of fire
firebird among the fireflies
on the empty snow
shadows of uncompleted stories
from holy consumption
to very cordially yours,
Sean McCann