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At long last,  the second pressing of Ian William Craig’s  A Turn of Breath has arrived.  Here is a photo:

LPs will begin shipping this weekend. You can order a remaining copy HERE.

Ian’s next album is currently being edited, and so far… it is sounding quite nice. It will be released on Recital later this year.

There are two upcoming releases on Recital in the near future…
R11 – Sean McCann – A Castle Popping LP & Tub of Deep Green Ink CDr
R12 – V/A - Voooxing Poooêtre CD

The first is a collection of my recordings from 2011 and 2014, ranging from abstract vocal works, to solo piano pieces, to my first composition for a quartet. It is a limited pressing, and comes with many inserts, scores, photos etc.
The second is a CD reissue of an international sound poetry compilation LP released in 1982, curated by Enzo Minarelli (who has also curated releases on Slowscan and Baobab, in addition to running the 3Vitre imprint). Voooxing Poooêtre features a 24 page booklet reproducing the original texts and graphics, along with a new foreword written by Minarelli in 2015. Comprised of tape works by text-sound staples Bernard Heidsieck, Rod Summers, Klaus Groh, along with more unknown sound recordings from artists Giovanni Bignone, Groupo Texto Poetico, and Agostino Contò, in addition to works by Minarelli himself.

-Sean McCann, March 5th, 2015


*Update: Airs is now sold out from Recital, try one of our distributors for a remaining copy

Good morning,

Loren Connors’ Airs LP is now officially available.

We have already moved though half the copies, so thank you for the overwhelming support. A testament to the beauty of Airs.














Many more LPs ‘in the oven’ this year on Recital, keep your eyes out.



Due to a number of emails (both to myself and Ian), we have decided to press another small edition of A Turn of Breath.

This second pressing is limited to 250 pcs, pressed on an infusion of blue and black wax. There is different artwork on the insert than on the first edition, (another beauty from the same series).

You can Pre-order the LP here
(They are being manufactured now, so they should start shipping towards the end of February, if not earlier).

Thanks again for all your support,


I figured I would share a few ‘year-end lists’ from 2014 which feature Recital albums.

Annea Lockwood – Ground of Being
The Wire (Top 50 albums)

Ian William Craig – A Turn of Breath
The New York Times (Top 10 albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (#6 in the Top 50)
Rolling Stone
(Top 20 “avant” albums)
Drowned in Sound (Finest ambient releases)
Anti-Gravity Bunny (#1 ‘Drone’ album)
MOJO (#38 in Top 50)
Norman Records (#2 in Top albums)
A Closer Listen (Top 20 albums)
Coke-Machine Glow (Top albums)

*Small repress of Ian’s LP is forthcoming, for those who missed it.


Under Recital’s lens, here is a brief schedule for the upcoming months;

R9 – Karla Borecky – Still In Your Pocket LP       (Purchase here)

February, 2015
R10 – Loren Connors - Airs LP    (Pre-Order here)
R11 – Sean McCann – A Castle Popping LP (Short edition)

January of 2015 will see the release of Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings by Sean McCann on the Root Strata label. This LP holds ambient works from 2010 – 2011. A lost album if you will, to act as a bookend to the ambient passage in McCann’s body of work. As you may suspect, it holds ten pieces of electronic and acoustic piano and strings (violin, viola, and even a bit of guitar).

The support for the Ian William Craig LP has been reassuring, many thanks to those of you who have purchased. Expect more from Ian next year.

and goodnight,



Ian William Craig’s beautiful album A Turn of Breath is out today, in both Deluxe & Standard editions.

Purchase here

Below is a video advertisement for the LP;

The Karla Borecky solo piano LP Still In Your Pocket is at the presses now, so that should be out quite soon.
Thank you for all the support,

Kind Regards,
-Sean McCann


I am pleased to announce two new albums for Recital;

R7 – Annea Lockwood – Ground Of Being CD

Collection of works from 1996-2013 from the renowned New Zealand/American sound artist and teacher Annea Lockwood. Beautiful field recordings and sound experiments, along with a prepared piano piece performed by Lois Svard (Lovely Music LTD.)

(Available Now)


R8 – Ian William Craig – A Turn Of Breath LP

Debut LP by trained opera vocalist Ian William Craig, utilizing reel to reel tape machines and his voice. A heavenly talent that Recital has been honored to work with.
(will be released August 5th, in both standard and deluxe editions)


Performance announcement -
Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan will be performing new material at The Roxy in Los Angeles on March 18th. We will be sharing the bill with How To Dress Well, and the band Forest Swords. Bottoms up!
In other news, my collaborative album with Maxwell August Croy should be available in April on the Students Of Decay imprint. Maxwell plays koto, and I violin, viola and cello. Andrew Chalk, who I had the pleasure of meeting recently in London, was kind of enough to lend his artwork for the LP jacket.

Ten Impressions for Processed Piano & Strings will be released later this year on Root Strata. It is a collection of ambient pieces of mine from 2010 and 2011. This album works as a follow up to Prelusion.

Two or three other LPs on Recital are in the works for later in 2014, including Karla Borecky’s Still In Your Pocket, and Loren Connors’ Airs album.


More soon,
-Sean McCann


Greetings from Recital,

The 2013 program is now ready for shipment…

R4 – Idea Fire Company - Rags To Riches LP

R5 – Sean McCann – Music For Private Ensemble LP & CDr / LP

R6 – Idea Fire Company & BRRR – The Terrible Comet Salt CS

Purchase Here

Also available:

  • Sean McCann’s Prelusion reissue LP (on Root Strata)
  • A limited supply of Recital coffee mugs, each of which comes with an array of lavender/earl grey/wormwood/mint tea blends. This can be ordered near the bottom of the purchase page.

Expect more LPs and CDs in 2014;  albums from Annea Lockwood, John White, etc.
Thank you for your ongoing support.

Sean McCann


Deluxe Edition of  Music For Private Ensemble by Sean McCann

  • Dark-green marbled wax
  • Compact disk with 45min of additional material
  • Ltd. to 200 pc

Email seantristanmccann@gmail.com to reserve

Will ship July 9th.


Available soon:

R4 – Idea Fire Company – “Rags To Riches” LP

R5 – Sean McCann – “Music For Private Ensemble” LP

R6 – Idea Fire Company & BRRR – “The Terrible Comet Salt” CS

If you wish to reserve any of these editions, please contact seantristanmccann {@} gmail.com