Today I am happy to announce a new Recital edition:
R35 – Eric Schmid –  “Alain Badiou”  s/s LP & Artist’s Book


And also to announce the discovery of a few choice items from Recital’s past.  I recently moved to Glendale, Calif. and during the voyage between homes I found some hard-to-find LPs and CDs, of only which a few are available:


R8 – Ian William Craig – A Turn of Breath LP
R36 – Ian William Craig – Durbē CD
R11 – Sean McCann – A Castle Popping LP
R22 – Sean McCann – Music for Public Ensemble 2xLP
R26 – Mary Mazzacane – The Music of Mary Mazzacane – s/s LP
R39 – Michael Vincent Waller – Trajectories LP+CD


Lastly, I have added “Music for Public Ensemble” to my Bandcamp website – (includes the 12-page insert as a .PDF)


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