Two new Recital editions are available today, the final two for this year.

R17 – Daniel Schmidt – “In My Arms, Many Flowers” CD edition
Includes an additional track, not from the LP – a beautiful 16min. string sextet version of “Dawn” from 1978

R40 – Eric Schmid – “Catsitting at a Musician’s Apartment” Cassette in Artist’s Box
Cassette with pamphlet, Caramel chocolate square, Marlboro Red cigarette


I am making FREELY available an LP that will be coming out early next year, Simple Affections
R44 – Simple Affections – “Simple Affections” MP3 .ZIP / LP forthcoming

LP is mainly myself, Graham Lambkin, Madalyn Merkey & Zach Schwartz, but features contributions from a slew of people, all playing over my favorite augmented classical pieces.


Take advantage of the USA free-shipping coupon for orders over $25, if you are interested.
Type in the coupon code BAUBLES at the checkout webpage.

To Refresh your memory on what to pick up, Recital published these editions in 2017 (our busiest year):

R40 – Eric Schmid – “Catsitting at a Musician’s Apartment” Cassette in Artist’s Box

R39 – Michael Vincent Waller – “Trajectories” CD / LP    *LP sold out

R38 – Roger Eno – “This Floating World” LP with CD    *final copies

R37 – Kahn, Landry, McCann, Schmid, Stanley, Sullivan, Weidmann – “Joan of Arc” CD & Pamphlet

R36 – Ian William Craig – “Durbē” CD    *sold out

R35 – Eric Schmid – “Alain Badiou” s/s LP & Artist’s Book

R34 – Sean McCann & Eric Schmid – “St. Paul” CD & Pamphlet

R33 – Dick Higgins – “Poems & Metapoems” LP

R32 – Tim Weidmann – “Some Pomes” Book    *final copies

R31 – Arrigo Lora-Totino – “Out of Page” LP

R30 – various – “Cellar Volume 2” CD

R29 – Loren Connors – “Evangeline” LP    *sold out

R28 – Gabi Losoncy – “Security Besides Love” LP    *final copies

R27 – Peter Friel, Mattea Landry, Eric Schmid – “Password / Chamber Music” Single 7″    *final copies

R26 – Mary Mazzacane – “The Art of Mary Mazzacane” single-sided LP    *sold out

Next year Recital will publish releases by Charlie Morrow, Loren Connors, Jean Dupuy, The Ivytree, Nour Mobarak, Ian William Craig, Karla Borecky, Daniel Schmidt, Matthew Sullivan, Adriano Spatola, Luciana Arbizzani, RIP Hayman, and more.  This is fun, thank you for your support and interest.

-Sean McCann, November 2017


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