R15 – Ian William Craig – “Cradle for the Wanting” LP


  1. Doubtshapes – 3:16
  2. Habit Worn & Wandering – 7:28
  3. No Cradle for the Whole of it – 5:20
  4. Each All in Another All – 4:52
  5. Glassblower – 4:47
  6. Empty, Circle, Tremble – 5:56
  7. Shipbreaking – 5:02
  8. Grace in Expectation – 5:26


Cradle for the Wanting is the anticipated second album by vocalist Ian William Craig. It was recorded in the winter of 2014/15 in Vancouver, Canada, after the release of his acclaimed A Turn of Breath LP; which Ben Ratliff of the New York Times named one of his top 10 albums of 2014. Since A Turn of Breath‘s release, Ian has performed rare but much talked-about shows in the United States and Canada.

Comprised of eight silken movements, Cradle for the Wanting is set aside from A Turn of Breath in that it was recorded in the span of a few months, as opposed to several years. This smaller count of production time tethers the pieces together, as multiple elements of a single entity.

Here, voice is the only source laid to tape. Ian excels in inventing lush arrangements through this simplicity in instrumentation. The works rise and collapse in series, as Ian’s distinct repeating tape system comes into play. From the shivering hiss of “Glassblower”; to the deep curling hymn of “Habit Worn…”, large and small wings are explored. Ian crafts an aural home in this album; one can glide through its halls for days without blinking back to the modern age. The palace is at ease.

Ian’s music is imbued with a certain lightness; one which Recital is humbled to distribute.

Edition of 700 LPs on black wax
Includes a dual-sided 12″ x 24″ color insert
and a download coupon

(Deluxe Edition of 125 that includes a supplemental EP (CDr), “Half-Heard & Fleeting”  *SOLD OUT)


SOLD OUT, Check with our DISTRIBUTORS for remaining copies

Second Pressing of 300pc on Yellow/Red vinyl will be available in the Summer of 2016.

Released on 11/10/15



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The Quietus
I have a good friend who says you should never trust anyone with two Christian names like George Michael or Paul Simon; but where does that leave me with Ian William Craig I wonder? Trustworthy or not, the little I know about IWC is that he’s based in Canada and his primary instruments are the human voice (mainly his own) and a series of reel to reel tape decks; the latter being used to manipulate the sound of the former creating a sound with echoes of Philip Jeck, William Basinski and Leyland Kirby. Anyway, I include Ian William Craig’s new album A Cradle For The Wanting here not just because it’s superb – it is – but as reminder to myself that end of year lists are idiotic. I spent weeks fretting over 2014’s EOY lists and literally within 24 hours of publishing the album chart last December, I heard IWC’s last album A Turn Of Breath for the first time and realised immediately that in any sane world it should have been in our top twenty. I’ve just finished compiling this year’s top 100 albums list to be published on Thursday and no doubt exactly the same thing will happen this year.