R29 – Loren Connors – “Evangeline” LP

  1. Evangeline – 1:12
  2. Dance Acadia – 1:15
  3. Ships – 1:11
  4. The Burning of Gran Pre – 1:31
  5. Two Paths – 3:07
  6. The Bridegroom of Snow – 7:45
  7. Voice of the Ocean, “Despair Not!” – 4:45
  8. Once You Touched Me – 2:15
  9. Jesuits – 1:34
  10. Sister of Mercy – 1:38
  11. His Room (In the Almshouse) – 1:25
  12. Oh, My Beloved – 1:22
  13. Gabriel Dies – 2:02
  14. Evangeline – 1:05



First-time available on vinyl (pressed as a limited CD in 1998), Evangeline finds Connors working in a narrative structure.  This album trails the story of Evangeline, the heroine of an epic-poem written in 1847. Loren’s guitar tone follows the weary landscapes and mournful souls of the characters.

Thematically Evangeline falls in line with the other romantic Connors LPs Recital as published, Airs and Lullaby, though with a defining arc in direction. Parallel guitar preludes begin this collection, leading to distant ballads in spheres of reverb. Suzanne Langille softly singing on the first track sets this album as a child’s fable. As longing clouded in dreams of loss and devotion.

Includes restored audio & new artwork by Loren Connors.

  • Edition of 500 LPs on black wax/white poly-lined sleeves
  • Remastered for vinyl by Sean McCann
  • Includes an 8.5”x11” insert: a story written by Suzanne Langille based on the epic poem, Evangeline
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Released on May 23rd, 2017