R3 – Troy Schafer – “Evening Song Awaken” CDr

  1. The Desire Towards Joy – Cycle I – 6:09
  2. The Desire Towards Joy – Cycle II – 4:39
  3. The Desire Towards Joy – Arpeggios – 4:03
  4. The Spring Of Instinct – Cycle I – 0:46
  5. The Spring Of Instinct – Cycle II – 0:25
  6. Let The Corpse of The Mind Lie Unburied On The Edge Of The Great Sea – 16:41
  7. Faint Fresh Fire – 8:19

Here Recital is presenting its first “classically” inspired program. I have come to enjoy classical music more and more over the years, finding it to be perfect background music for drinking, cooking, or relaxing in style. Although this album isn’t exactly background music, as it is bold and often intense with emotion, it carries a poetic quality which is as warm and whimsical as my favorite symphonies.

“Evening Song Awaken” is the first real full length release by Troy Schafer, a young man from Wisconsin (affiliated with the Second Family Band, Burial Hex, Spiral Joy Band – to name a few). To me, this album is set aside from the rest of his body of work, it feels more pure and focused.

Schafer’s ability to intertwine passionate composition and technical proficiency is rare and inspiring. Throughout the album counter-themes emerge and propel the pieces though frantic climaxes. These flares are contrasted though many slow pastoral reflections. You can really hear his devotion to the music. Last year, when Troy contacted me about recording a release for Recital, we discussed the ambition to produce a beautiful album. I am proud to say this ambition was realized. Schafer is destined for great things.

Hand-numbered & stamped edition of 200. 

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