List of Domestic & International Distributors



R21 – Matthew Sullivan – “Skene” LP


Edition of 115 copies, includes:
Includes a two-sided insert, marked & signed by the artist.
°Digital download coupon

Price: $21.95




R17 – Daniel Schmidt- “In My Arms, Many Flowers” LP


Archival recordings of American Gamelan/minimalist composer Daniel Schmidt, dating 1978-1982.

Edition of 325 LPs on black wax
Includes a 9″x9″ 12-page pamphlet of program notes & score excerpts.
°Digital download coupon

Price: $17.95


R20 – Giovanni Fontana – “Epigenetic Poetry” LP


Anthology of recordings by the Italian sound poet/artist (b.1946). Pieces date 1968-2014. Voice, jaw-harp, guitar, whistle, piano, and harpsichord spill from speakers as letters meeting paper.

Edition of 315 copies, includes:
°16 page 9″x9″ pamphlet with 3 critical essays, artwork,
& program notes written by Giovanni Fontana
°Digital download coupon

Price: $17.95

R18 – Eric Schmid – “a channel, dedicated to Michael” CD


Chicago-based artist’s first audio release. A spyglass into Eric’s network of relationships (personal and impersonal); a series of collected voicemails left on the artist’s cell phone. Examine the beauty of these messages/capsules.

Edition of 200 copies, includes:
• Glass mastered disc
• Jewel case with 4 panel insert

Price: $10.95

R16 – Enzo Minarelli – “Romanzi nelle i” Book, CD, & DVD


A new work by Italian sound poet and artist Enzo Minarelli (b.1951). Taking inspiration from the sacred work of Abraham Abulafia (1240-1291), the Jewish mystic and father of linguistic permutation.

Edition of 200 copies, includes:
• Hardbound 8.5″ x 11″ book, 71 pgs. (full color)
• CD of the 2015 rendition of Minarelli’s “Romanzi nelle i”
• DVD holding the original 2013 performance

Price: $29.95


R13 – Idea Fire Company – “Lost at Sea” LP

New album from the legends, back again on piano, trumpet, and radio.
Limited to 400pc – black wax with black poly-lined innersleeve
Includes a 4″x6″ Postcard and a download coupon

Price: $14.95


R12 – Various – “Voooxing Poooêtre” CD

Reissue of the long unavailable international sound poetry compilation LP originally released in 1982,
Edition of 500 Disks housed in a 6-panel wallet,
w. 24 page booklet with texts, photos, & scores.
*Includes a new forward written in 2015 by Minarelli

Price: $10.95


R7 – Annea Lockwood – “Ground Of Being” CD

Presenting four pieces from the years 1996 to 2013. Three delicate sound art works, which vary from recordings of vents on the bottom of the ocean, transposed bat calls, and sloshing water. Along with one prepared piano piece, “Ear-Walking Woman,” here performed by Lois Svard.
Edition of 500 Disks in a 6-panel wallet, w. insert of writings by Annea.

Price: $10.95

   R5 – Sean McCann – “Music For Private Ensemble” LP* last copies

McCann’s first new solo album since 2011′s The Capital. Written, recorded, and laboriously edited over the course of 17 months, it demonstrates a more serious study of orchestration and timbre than his previous work, revealing McCann’s most refined work to date.
Edition of 500, with full color insert


Price: $13.95


R4 – Idea Fire Company – “Rags To Riches” LP

 An edited and remastered issue of a tape by the IFCO quartet. Rags To Riches is a live record documenting pieces from 2003 through 2005. Exhibiting a contemplative and well-informed use of electronics, radio, and voice. Their mechanical and uncompromising aesthetic is pronounced, and Rags To Riches reminds us all why Idea Fire Company are such an important contemporary outfit.
Edition of 285 copies, with color insert & essay by Scott Foust

Price: $13.95

R1 – Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan – “Vanity Fair” LP

 …Lush and enchanting. The pieces are quite varied, ranging from the majestic to the tormented, occasionally synthesizing an almost humorous blend of the two. Includes a manipulated animal and glockenspiel march, a chamber string and glass rhapsody, and a somber harp and phone ballad – it challenges the listener and expresses the development of both acclaimed artists.
Edition of 560

Price: $12.95