Sean McCann


McCann was born in California in 1988 in a small beach town called Goleta. He now resides in Los Angeles. He has been publishing albums since 2007, utilizing an array of instruments including violin, piano, & voice.

His first fully realized album, Music for Private Ensemble (2013), found the artist multi-tracking and performing dozens of layers of instruments and sounds to form a one-man-orchestra. The logical followup album, Music for Public Ensemble (2016), lassoed in 30 other musicians to join in and puzzle together a 2xLP of lush chamber works, choral pieces, & text-sound compositions.

In 2012 he formed the record label Recital, which has published dozens of LPs and books with an emphasis on new music, sound poetry, & sound art, examining the similarities and differences between the pastoral and the bizarre.


Portraits of Friars (2018) – large ensemble
Violet Fat (2017) – solo vibraphone with voice
Pistons (2017) – choir & speaker (optional instrumentation)
Vilon (2017) – chamber quintet with singing
Victorian Wind (2015) – chamber quartet

Selected Discography

Music for Public Ensemble (2016) – Recital
A Castle Popping (2015) – Recital
Music For Private Ensemble (2013)Recital
Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings (2015) – Root Strata
The Capital (2011) – Aguirre Records
Prelusion (2011) Recital / Root Strata
Mammoth Mountain (2009/2010) – Avant Archive
Fountains (2010) – Roll Over Rover
Sincere World (2010) – Amethyst Sunset
Open Resolve (2010) – Stunned Records / Orange Milk
Midnight Orchard (2008) – Roll Over Rover
Phylum Sigh (2008) – DNT Records




Third Edition, Stockholm – Feb 2018

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