R32 – Tim Weidmann – “Some Pomes” Book

First Edition

42 pages,   5″ x 7″
Perfect-bound, soft-cover
Co-released with Edition Erich Schmid
100 copies


Will it be of any use
 When Siddhartha seeks new life
 Or David grips his sling to fight

Will it be of any use
 When Homer sings a tale of war
 Or Plato practices his ideas
 Or Virgil apes the Iliad

Will it be of any use
 When Luther stands steadfast
 Or Galileo scopes the skies
 Or Newton’s calculations work
 Or Einstein throws his curve at space

Will it be of any use


Price: $12.95



Dark clouds

Sail abruptly together

With the pale blue sky


The continental shelf

Slides seaward

In white-hot soup

Cooked in the earth’s core

Waves sizzle

And salt the beach


Pain cannot

Wash away happiness

It erupts

And covers even Everest

But not the stars

Released on April 7th, 2017