Three new Recital editions are now for sale:

R30 – Various – “Cellar Vol.2” CD
In celebration of Recital’s 5 year anniversary, here we have a CD holding unreleased works by friends and family of the label.  From pastoral chamber music to sound poetry – contemporary and archival – something for everyone!

R32 – Tim Weidmann – “Some Pomes” Book
Small book of poetry, co-published with Edition Erich Schmid

R34 – Sean McCann & Eric Schmid – “St. Paul” Pamphlet & CD
The second in a series, following (R25) St. Francis.  Contains Craigslist voice actors, an AA speaker, witch-house, vapor-wave, muted monologues, and barking.

You can purchase the APRIL RESERVE  (three new editions for a discount)

Price: $29.95



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