R9 – Karla Borecky – “Still In Your Pocket” LP

  1. Cracking the Whip – 5:45
  2. The Passing of Clouds – 3:54
  3. Détournement – 3:24
  4. Suspense in the Library – 2:31
  5. The Sadness of Things – 5:44
  6. Structure – 8:30
  7. Still In Your Pocket – 12:36


silhouetteStill In Your Pocket, an arrangement of piano pieces by Karla Borecky, is at once humble and profound. As this is Borecky’s first solo LP (away from her Idea Fire Company membership), the piano is allowed full prominence and discretion. Revolving melodies contract and expand across the seven vignettes presented here (recorded from 2007 to 2010).

It reads as a withering novel, lush with romance and mystery. And although Borecky’s restrain and delivery imply a certain poise, there is an undercurrent of playful humor in the piano lines. Allusions to Satie are in order, along with the modality of early Cage, or Chopin’s nocturnes played at half-speed.

An excellent record to bring in Autumn, to burrow with in the colder seasons.

Edition of 280 on black wax with insert. *Includes digital download coupon.



Released on October 21st, 2014.


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